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Mon Mar 1 09:04:37 PST 2004

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Subject: [ardour-dev] ardour 0.9beta11 released
Date: Sun, 29 Feb 2004 20:20:30 -0500
From: Paul Davis <paul at linuxaudiosystems.com>
To: ardour-dev at lists.ardour.org


Note: according to ardour.org/status.html, this is now 1 beta release
away from a feature freeze. The only known feature to be worked on
there that is not listed in Mantis is a redesign of the editor region 
list and some backend code related to how regions are managed. Feature
freeze does not mean that ardour will not change between then and 1.0,
but it does mean that all suggestions for new features will be ignored
unless they relate to an existing bug in Mantis. Hint. Hint.

 Changes since beta10

   * ghost waveforms in automation tracks

   * new loop and punch range interface 

        - split the range and location markers into their own rows in
	  the timeline, and added a new row "Loop/Punch Ranges".  The
	  Loop and Punch ranges are dedicated, the transport will loop
	  over the Loop range when the "loop" button is enabled on the
	  transport toolbar.  The punch range is active when Punch In
	  and punch out buttons are active.

	- dragging on the Range Marker bar will create a new range marker.
	  Also, dragging on the Loop/punch bar will let you set a new range
	  for either the loop or punch.   Context menu operations for all
	  markers are now updated.

   * new locations window design

   * crossfade editor closer to 90% functionality
         - audition xfade
	 - edit both both curves independently
	 - waveforms scale with curve (*sexy*! :)
   * fix process-time automation snapshots to be (more?) real-time
	 safe (remove O(logN) behaviour, avoid unnecessary control
	 point addition)

   * speed optimizations for sfdb. format is not compatible, so its
         best to remove your existing file and rebuild it.

   * window sizes and other GUI details are saved instantly in 
         <sessiondir>/instant.xml, separately from other session
  * region selection propagates across edit groups

        - if an edit group is active, then ..

	     selecting a region in a member of the edit group
	     will select all "equivalent" regions in other

	     to select just one region in an active group,
	     select as usual, then shift-click the desired
	     region. normally, shift-click would remove
	     a region from the selection, so this is subject
	     to change.

        - "equivalent" means: 
	      1) same start point in their respective source files
	      2) same position on timeline
	      3) same length

   * hide all automation now works

   * region locking shows padlock in regionview, plus has an actual
         effect on editing :)

            - unlock via click on padlock works as expected

	    - to be improved, perhaps, to permit locking by clicking
	      where the padlock would show up but isn't. not sure, because
	      its definitely not OK to show a lot of "unlocked"
              padlocks - very visually cluttered that way.

            - some glitch with the last line of the image of the
   * shift-drag permits multiple object selection passes via
   * region export via standard export dialog
       - to be discussed: is "Write Region to disk" still useful?
         it is quicker, and just writes a native file to disk
	 within the session sounds directory.
       - operates only on clicked region, not region selection. good?
         bad? ugly?

   * fade in/out curves of region editor do not update the underlying data
	  until button release.

   * fade in/out curves of region editor now can have values typed in.

   * fade in/out curves now use a mutex to protect real-time access
   * SMPTE computation fix for rulers

   * dragging curve control points - to move all points right, use
         ctrl-drag. ordinary drag now moves just that point. (reverse
         of previous behaviour.)
   * destroy-last-capture now works until the next capture, not the
         next transport halt
   * drag_info.been_moved not set until 4 pixels of motion are
        detected. this affects a number of things but NOT region
	dragging. To Be Fixed.

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