[Ardour-users] critical midi-pool error

Geoffrey Wossum geoffrey at pager.net
Mon Mar 1 06:40:04 PST 2004

On Sunday 29 February 2004 11:07 am, Jesse Chappell wrote:
> Dave M wrote on Sat, 28-Feb-2004:
>  > When recording at 96000 @ 128 buffers i recieve the critical midi-pool
>  > error suggesting i recomplie with a larger size.
>  >
>  > any suggestions as to where the specific file is and what value i should
>  > chane and to what.
>  >
>  > current setup is debian ardour unstable with alsa 1.0.2c kernel 2.4.23
>  > with lowlat and preemptive patch applied. p3 700, delta 1010lt.
> Well, this a something that has periodically shown up for people,
> and the reason it happens is really something we'd like to find.

I saw the infamous increase MIDI pool error for the first time this weekend.  
I, too, was not using MIDI, although my card does support it.  I don't think 
I had any of the ALSA MIDI modules loaded, though.

I had the master channel routed to the inputs JAMin, and the outputs of JAMin 
hooked up to the inputs of a stereo track in Ardour.  This track was set to 
record and was muted.  I'm not exactly sure when the error actually occurred.  
It was either when the all of the source tracks feeding into the master 
channel ended, or when I clicked stop in Ardour.  The two events happened at 
roughly the same time.  Increase MIDI pool error, Ardour crashes, session 
corrupted.  Sorry, didn't save the corrupted session for analysis.  

Fortunately, I had made a backup of the session immediately before the crash.  
Restored that.  Did the same thing without any changes, although I might have 
stopped and restarted jackd.  Worked great.  Didn't see the problem any after 


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