[ardour-users] single vs. dual processor

patrick swpatrick at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 26 16:17:10 PDT 2004

i've got an old PIII 500Mhz processor and get lots of dropouts when running ardour, so i
want to upgrade the processor, etc.  i have considered a dual processor  board, but don't
want the hassle if a single processor machine is just as good for non-professional use.  i
know that dual processors were recommended, at least when CPU speeds were around 1GHz, but
i also talked to one person who was running ardour with no problems on a faster (around
1.5 -2 GHz) machine.  are there any known issues with single processor machines?  or, if 
you're running such a system, have you had any problems running ardour?  tia for any
help.  --patrick

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