[ardour-users] good system...but crackling in audio?

Anthony avan at uwm.edu
Sun Jun 13 16:05:48 PDT 2004

* Jeremy M. Booth <bq20 at comcast.net> [Jun 12 04 20:56]:
> Everything was great at first, but lately we've been getting errors from
> ardour like "pool out of memory, recompile with larger..." and crackling
> that's getting worse as time progresses.  Nothing has changed in the
> system other than more space being used in the audio partition.  I got
> and compiled all the latest versions of all the dependent libraries and
> programs that ardour uses, but the latest snapshot of ardour failed to
> build.  We still use an older version of ardour but upgrading everything
> else didn't fix it.  
> Here's the system:
> Maudio delta 1010

I'm not sure what you mean by crackling, but I get distortion
on my delta when there is a lot of network activity.


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