[ardour-users] how to add send effects

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Fri Jun 11 08:15:19 PDT 2004

On Fri, 2004-06-11 at 09:31, derek holzer wrote:
> Josh Karnes wrote:
> > I'm stymied by the "send" process in Ardour.  Basically I want to add 
> > plugins like you would with a regular mixer.  So for example, I want to 
> > set up a reverb on a send so I can send whatever amount from each 
> > channel to the reverb (stereo).  How do I do this?
> To insert an effect, right click in the top-most black box on the mixer 
> strip. This should give you an "add plugin" option. You can do this for 
> one track, or create a new track, add your plugin there, and use the 
> "Output" dialog to route multiple tracks there. You will only hear the 
> effects in this case with "record" for that track armed, however any 
> effects inserted into tracks with existing regions will be heard 
> normally [so long as the effect is not bypassed].
> Two things to watch out for, which do bug me a bit:
> 1) There is no way to know which effects are realtime or not. This can 
> lead to a freeze or crash if you try to playback with the wrong plugin.
> 2) Plugins with only one input are not allowed to load into stereo [or 
> more] tracks. You will have to split the region into mono files. This 
> makes sense, of course, but there is no way of knowing which plugins are 
> mono ahead of time.

I suspect that you haven't expanded the plugin selection box.  If you
drag it to the right you'll see columns for number of inputs and
outputs.  Just on the right of the Type field.


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