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Fri Jun 11 07:43:47 PDT 2004

derek holzer wrote:
> To insert an effect, right click in the top-most black box on the mixer
> strip. This should give you an "add plugin" option. You can do this for
> one track, or create a new track, add your plugin there, and use the
> "Output" dialog to route multiple tracks there.

You can also add pre and post fade sends to your tracks and route them to
a bus where your effect is a plugin. This will give you the standard
mixing desk aux-send .
ctrl-rightclick to configure and set the levels.
Or you can add inserts.

> You will only hear the
> effects in this case with "record" for that track armed, however any
> effects inserted into tracks with existing regions will be heard
> normally [so long as the effect is not bypassed].
Normally you would use a bus for this, and then you always here the
effect, unless disable-plugins during recording is selected as an option
in the options window. Then you wont here it during recording.
When you use a _track_ as a bus, as Derek describes you still need to make
sure that the option is set correctly.

> Two things to watch out for, which do bug me a bit:
> 1) There is no way to know which effects are realtime or not. This can
> lead to a freeze or crash if you try to playback with the wrong plugin.
> 2) Plugins with only one input are not allowed to load into stereo [or
> more] tracks. You will have to split the region into mono files. This
> makes sense, of course, but there is no way of knowing which plugins are
> mono ahead of time.
the plugin list actually tells you the number of inputs and outputs of
each plugin.

> I think both of these issues could be solved somewhere along the line
> with an added description field in the plugin browser, similar to the
> information provided by Jack-Rack.
> good luck,
> d.
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