[ardour-users] Control surfaces

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Mon Jun 7 12:21:15 PDT 2004

Them wrote on Mon, 07-Jun-2004:

 > Jesse Chappell wrote:
 > >  > It seems a lot of the less expensive controllers (like ALL of the 
 > >  > M-Audio ones) are USB only, and will only work under Winders or Mac 
 > >  > since software is used for the USB->MIDI interface.
 > >  
 > > Actually, almost all of the USB->midi hardware is supported in
 > > linux right now.  A few of the other dedicated USB controllers
 > > (such as the contour shuttlepro) can be supported via a user-level
 > > driver that maps to alsaseq MMC, etc.
 > > 
 > > What hardware do you have in mind?
 > Actually, I was looking also at the Contour Shuttle Pro (which I can get 
 > a discount since I have a registered version of Cakewalk) and some of 
 > the M-Audio controllers, which are all USB (and cheaper than the JL 
 > Cooper products).  Do you have more information on their support under 
 > Linux?  I couldn't find any via the Linux USB site.
The shuttle pro is a different class of product, and the support
for that with linux/ardour is called sxpress, and was recently written and available
here:  http://www.helsinki.fi/~stsavola/software/

As for the m-audio stuff and other midi-like devices see the other
posts here.  I'm a little confused as to the scope of the interfaces
you are interested in, as m-audio doesn't appear to make control
"surfaces" or transport control devices.


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