[ardour-users] need help, new user

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Mon Jun 7 07:38:48 PDT 2004

To all who are trying to port ardour to OSX:  taybin has done
it already, and there are some runtime issues with it.  I don't
recommend that anyone spend their time working on it at the moment....
it will happen in due time....


gml at xs4all.nl wrote on Mon, 07-Jun-2004:

 > I think you need the gnu autotools since configure seems to be trying to
 > run them.  There must be a package of some sort for OS-X for them.
 > But I wonder if anybody has compiled ardour on OSX allready?
 > It does not compile easily sometimes on linux, so I think on OS-X it would
 > be difficult.
 > Gerard

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