[ardour-users] Newbie needs help

Russell Hanaghan hanaghan at starband.net
Wed Jul 21 07:37:47 PDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-07-21 at 07:11, Johannes Ringheim wrote:
> D. R. Evans wrote:
> > Since you say that you are trying to install a RH RPM instead of a Mdk 
> > one, I am not surprised that you are having dependency problems. My 
> > advice is to do exactly what Johannes said. 
> It's also that I have added the mandrake 10 rpm's (thac's, mandrake's & 
> plf's) to urpmi on my 9.2 system. If I were you James I wouldn't try 
> this at home before hearing someone more competent's comment on it. I'm 
> a noob myself having enough getting to grips with Linux itself as well 
> as Ardour, Jack and LADSPA. I did this dirty trick to get the latest 
> versions, but I don't know if it is generally a smart move?
> Have managed to compile it now, though, and will learn how to upgrade 
> the system after the bassline I need is recorded ,]

I run MDK 10.0 now. But previously ran 9.2 on a "FX Box" and the
updating of Thac's 9.2 RPM's gave way to his efforts to stay with the
current 10.0 release.

I have done this and sometimes it worked. I suffered no major problems
with my system. Thac's statement was obvious..."Dependencies are all
different in 10.0 vs 9.2". But I don't see that it will create any
issues on your system. The cool thing about URPMI is if it fits it will
install. If it don't, it wont!


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