[ardour-users] Newbie needing help

Johannes Ringheim jri at broadpark.no
Sun Jul 18 09:11:40 PDT 2004

James McDonald wrote:

> I can't seem to get Ardour to install on a Dual 450 IBM Intellistation 
> running Mandrake 9.2.  I can configure it but then when I go to "make" 
> I get errors (sorry forgot them).  If this is a common ocurance please 
> let me know if not I'll post more detail regarding the errors.  Either 
> way thank you.

Don't know how newbie you are, but being one myself I'm very happy with 
thac's mandrake rpms:

I add it to my urpmi database, as explained on the site, wich solves 
dependency problems automatically. ( urpmi.addmedia thacs.rpms 
http://rpm.nyvalls.se/9.2/RPMS with hdlist.cz - makes thacs rpms appear 
in RpmDrake).

-johannes ringheim.

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