[ardour-users] Midi port...

Florian Schmidt mista.tapas at gmx.net
Thu Jul 15 06:00:37 PDT 2004

On Thu, 15 Jul 2004 13:51:35 -0000
"gerard van dongen" <gml at xs4all.nl> wrote:

> Ardour either uses a raw midi device (f.i. /dev/snd/midiC0D0 or somthing  
> like this) or it can set up for an alsa sequencer port.
> The available options are in the config files, and the one used is set in  
> the option window.
> Clearly if it uses the raw device, another app can't use that device.
> So you can either set it up to use /dev/snd/midiC1Dx if card1 is  
> snd-seq-dummy or set it up as a sequencer client.
> I had some problems when I had both enabled in the master config files,  
> but alsa-sequencer worked when I edited them so that it was the only  
> option.
> Hope this helps

Oh ok, whats the rationale behin offering raw device access in ardour if i may ask?


Palimm Palimm!

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