[ardour-users] Question about monitoring & latency compensation

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Mon Jul 5 14:28:26 PDT 2004

Yes.  You need to unmute each channel that you want to come through in
the digital mix.  You also need to bring the left and right sliders up
for each channel.  So, for instance, if you want channels 1 and 2 to
come through the digital mix you need to bring PCM Out 1 and PCM Out 2
up in the Monitor Mixer tab.  If you want to hear them as stereo then
just bring up the left for PCM Out 1 and the right for PCM Out 2.  Also,
if you want to hear HW In 1 you need to bring up both of those sliders
and unmute the channel.  It takes a while to get used to but it's very
powerful.  Once you have things set the way you want you can do an
alsactl store to save them.  Then alsactl restore will reset to those


On Mon, 2004-07-05 at 15:37, Them wrote:
> Jan Depner wrote:
> > 	In the Patchbay/Router tab of envy24control switch to Digital Mix L and
> > Digital Mix R and you can monitor both the input signal and your already
> > recorded tracks.  This is the big advantage of cards that can do
> > hardware monitoring.  You can set your buffersize to 2048 and minimize
> > your xruns.  Ardour/JACK will handle all of the latency issues.
> I had tried that (and was how I used the card under Windows), but I go 
> no signal at all if I switch to Digital Mixer under envy24control.  IS 
> there something else I need to do in Ardour or JACK to use this Digital 
> Mix monitoring?
> -- Brett
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