[ardour-users] Question about monitoring & latency compensation

Jan Depner eviltwin69 at cableone.net
Mon Jul 5 06:17:57 PDT 2004


	In the Patchbay/Router tab of envy24control switch to Digital Mix L and
Digital Mix R and you can monitor both the input signal and your already
recorded tracks.  This is the big advantage of cards that can do
hardware monitoring.  You can set your buffersize to 2048 and minimize
your xruns.  Ardour/JACK will handle all of the latency issues.


On Sun, 2004-07-04 at 12:48, Them wrote:
> I was doing some recording last night with Ardour.  I had hardware
> monitoring turned on in JACK, which my soundcard supports (Audiophile
> 2496).  Of course, when I was recording and monitoring the hardware
> inputs, I couldn't hear the playback of the already recorded tracks, so
> I switched my monitoring to the PCM playback (software monitoring).  I'd
> hear a slight delay in the monitoring of my live playing when I played
> along with the tracks I'd already recorded.  How does Ardour handle
> latency compensation for this?
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