[ardour-users] Gain not saved and regions stuck in 17.1

Wolfgang Woehl tito at rumford.de
Mon Jul 5 01:30:37 PDT 2004

Johannes Ringheim <jri at broadpark.no>:
> Then gain value is not saved. Neither is the gain automation, but
> this was also the case with 16.1. I set it to -18.3 or something,
> save the session, but when it's opened again the gain fader is set to
> 0,0. Mantis has notes on this bug from a while ago, but it could be
> solved by setting language env-variables to english. This also solved
> some other bugs. Now gain value is not saved again, but I can't see
> any of the bugs wich was solved by language settings in 16.1.

Not saved or not restored? Have you checked the session file with 
"grep ' gain=' session.ardour"?

> I set the env-variables like this:
> LANG=en

This would end up as "en_US" and works. I use "unset LANG".


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