[ardour-users] Re: single vs. dual processor

Alastair Couper kalepa at shaka.com
Sun Jul 4 15:35:10 PDT 2004

On Sat, 26 Jun 2004 18:17:10 -0500, patrick <swpatrick at earthlink.net>  

> i've got an old PIII 500Mhz processor and get lots ofdropouts

There can be lots of reasons for dropouts, so system tuning may get you  
enough to make that machine workable, albeit with high latency. Lots of  
info scattered about on that.

As a point of comparison, I can run Cakewalk/W2K on an old 300Mhz IBM  
Thinkpad 600E. With 6 stereo tracks and a few effects plugins, latency is  
around 150 ms and CPU usage is around 35%. Very smooth. Seems like our  
Linux audio boxes should be able to make do without dual processors.

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