[Ardour-users] critical midi-pool error

Jesse Chappell jesse at essej.net
Sun Feb 29 09:07:09 PST 2004

Dave M wrote on Sat, 28-Feb-2004:

 > When recording at 96000 @ 128 buffers i recieve the critical midi-pool error 
 > suggesting i recomplie with a larger size.
 > any suggestions as to where the specific file is and what value i should chane 
 > and to what.
 > current setup is debian ardour unstable with alsa 1.0.2c kernel 2.4.23 with 
 > lowlat and preemptive patch applied. p3 700, delta 1010lt.

Well, this a something that has periodically shown up for people,
and the reason it happens is really something we'd like to find.
Presumably, you aren't even using midi with ardour at all, right?
Before you resize the midi pool, could you enable midi tracing
in the Options Window (midi tab), and watch the console output
for anything the next time this error is triggered?

To increase your midi pool: edit the file libs/ardour/session_midi.cc
and look for the line near the beginning:

MultiAllocSingleReleasePool Session::MIDIRequest::pool ("midi", sizeof (Session::MIDIRequest), 128);

Change that '128' to something bigger.


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