[ardour-users] Ardour crash after 3 sec

Otto Hase sorax at powerup.com.au
Mon Feb 23 15:50:58 PST 2004

Hi I downloaded the latest rpm v beta 9.10, got the latest qjackctl (it looks now as per docu)
I am using Suse 9.0 intel motherboard P4 1.5 g mem. Sound card is EWS88mt envy24 based.
I found that I have to start the envy controller first started jack from the command line (using a Suse 9 rpm of Ardour)
theen it worked.  
Then I got the latest version ( indluding qjackctl)
I started envy24 controller, started qjachctl, started Ardour created session ..then Ardour crashed.

I guess my environment is not right.   what other new versions of eg alsa or ??? 
..any idea what went wrong ?
Thanks Otto
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