[ardour-users] Latency: AGP vs PCI video card and XFS journalling vs not

Eric ej at ir.iit.edu
Mon Feb 23 12:48:14 PST 2004

Nope, my SCSI controller is an LSI U160 64-bit PCI card, which does
force me to put it in a slot above my Delta66 since my first two slots
are only 64-bit compatible.


On Mon, Feb 23, 2004 at 02:40:05PM -0600, Jan Depner wrote:
> Oops.  I'm sorry I didn't notice that you're using SCSI - your SCSI
> controller wouldn't happen to be an Adaptec would it?  If so you need to
> look at this - http://www.staudio.de/kb/english/conflicts/index.html  
> The ST Audio stuff uses the same chipset as your Delta 66 but even if it
> didn't, given the information on this page, it would probably still be a
> problem.  Please note that almost all Adaptec controllers use the same
> driver software and that Adaptec doesn't usually change their strategy
> when designing a new board so 2940, 29160, et al probably do the same
> things.
> Jan


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