[ardour-users] Can't record Audio

Anthony avan at uwm.edu
Mon Feb 23 11:58:06 PST 2004

* Dave Godin <dgodin at hologic.com> [Feb 23 04 11:54]:
> Ant
> Thanks for responding, I don't know what x-run is but I'll check out the
> options as you suggested.
> Thanks so much for the advice.
> Dave

X-run = overrun or underrun. Sometimes the OS does a poor
job of keeping up with the timing constraints of the device
or application and misses a deadline. This doesn't have to
occur because your machine is not fast, but rather because
linux is a multi-user operating system and needs to be
coaxed into treating JACK and its clients as special, FIFO.

Running as root may not be ideal. You can minimise the
impact of this by enabling capabilities and use jackstart
instead as a normal user.


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> * Dave Godin <dgodin at hologic.com> [Feb 23 04 09:56]:
> > Steven
> >
> > I am new to the list and I have a simular problem, except I can record for
> > about 1-2 seconds and then it stops. I have posted
> > but have not received any response. But I will try the -R switch myself
> > maybe I'll have better results.
> I assume you are getting an x-run and ardour is set to stop
> recording on xrun (see the options to change this). If you
> want to do anything other than just try ardour out, running
> at realtime priority is a must.
> --ant
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