[ardour-users] Recording synth parts separately

Markus Piipari 2pii at luukku.com
Sat Feb 14 06:45:00 PST 2004

Geoffrey Wossum wrote:

> I first record the tape sync track to a channel in ardour.  Then
> when I want to record something I've sequenced on it, I set the
> Q-80 to clock from the tape sync, and route the tape sync track in
> ardour to where it'll get to the Q-80.  
> If I have something I sequenced on something else that I'm wanting
> to record, I still play the tape sync back through, and sync the
> other sequencer to the Q-80 using MTC.
> It's not high tech at all, but it works.  Newer equipment may not
> have tape syncs, though.

Thanks for the idea! Somehow I didn't come to think of this sort of solution myself... With my current gear I can't accomplish this, but I'll try and do some research, maybe the additional stuff I need isn't too expensive.

Incidentally, Piotr Sawicki's report that Rosegarden and Ardour can now be synced sounds promising, too. I've had some MIDI timing problems with Rosegarden playing back songs on my synth workstation before, but it could well be that those have also been worked out since I last checked it out.

Also I should probably ask on the Ardour developers' list if they think MTC will be functional sometime within the next few months. I remember reading some discussion about this in the mail archives, but can't recall if there were some fundamental technical problems to implementing it, or if it was just considered less important than other functionality improvements.

- Markus Piipari

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