[ardour-users] Recording synth parts separately

Markus Piipari 2pii at luukku.com
Fri Feb 13 14:20:06 PST 2004


Having used Ardour regularly for about six months now, I'm beginning to feel quite comfortable with using it and really very pleased with the functionality and quality of the application. What an amazing piece of work!

There's one thing I'd very much like to do, though, that I haven't been able figure out how to, yet.

Say I have sequenced the backing tracks for a song on my synth workstation, such as drums, bass and some synth pads.

If I wanted to record these synth parts into Ardour as separate audio tracks, what do you suggest is the best way to do it?

I guess my actual question is: how do I make sure these separately recorded tracks sync up to each other correctly after recording them with Ardour?

The synth workstation (Roland Fantom-S88) supports both master and slave MTC and MMC operation, but as far as I've understood, these have not been implemented in Ardour yet, even though the options dialog indicates they might, eventually.

There isn't any external application that could somehow trigger recording in Ardour and playback on the synth workstation simultaneously, is there? (I don't know if this is possible in practice or even in theory, but it's just a thought.)

I'm running the latest CVS tarball version of Ardour (Ardour/GTK 0.444.0 with libardour 0.722.0), Jack version 0.94 and ALSA version 1.0.1. My audio and MIDI interface is an RME Multiface, connected through a PCI card.

Any suggestions will be very much appreciated!

- Markus Piipari

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