[ardour-users] newbie getting nothing, begging for help

Joseph Dell'Orfano fullgo at dellorfano.net
Fri Dec 24 19:46:33 PST 2004

After reading your website, there are a few things which come to mind.
First of all, you need to create a session. This is under the Session
menu, choose 'new'. The browser is nonstandard and a little bit
confusing at first, but you get used to it. 

Once you create a session, you will have a window presumably with one
master buss. If you right click under this, you get an option to add a
track, which you can go ahead and do. If you open the mixer window, you
will see this mixer strip added. Next, select INPUT in order to ensure
that you are connected to the input of the sound card. I assume that
selecting in1 will connect you up properly. The output of the track is
generally sent to the master buss, which in turn is connected to out1
and out2 (the first 2 pcm outputs of your soundcard).

That's pretty much it. Make sure you have a source (i.e., your CD
player) and press the record button on the track. You should see
activity on the meter. If not, use your mixer software (i.e., alsamixer)
to ensure that the soundcard inputs are active. 

This should do it to start. I consider myself a noob as well, but I have
been using Ardour for well over a year and I have a fair knowledge of
how to make it do basic things. It is a GREAT program. Along with the
CCRMA stuff, you should have absolutely everything you need for a great
home/project studio. You need to experiment with the stuff. You should
definately join the Planet CCRMA mail list as there is an active and
helpful community there as well. I'd be happy to offer any further
advice off list if you like!

Good luck and Merry Christmas!!!

-Joe Dell'Orfano

On Fri, 2004-12-24 at 19:34, kittycat at kittycatonline.com wrote:
> Hi, I'm somewhat inexperienced at Linux, but have done plenty of
> recording with CoolEdit on the Windows side for years. I have put
> together a Planet CCRMA Fedora Core 1 box, following what I could
> figure out on the site. I've done some Audacity recording on the Linux
> side, but want to kick it up a notch.
> As best as I can tell, I have JACK set up properly, but frankly, I'm
> totally lost with the JACK stuff. I am able to play out a sound using a
> command line ecasound statement, but that''s about what I can grasp of
> it. I understand the concepts of what it does but the specifics are
> escaping me. I have QTJACKCTL installed, and it appears to be working.
> I would like to use Ardour for my recording work, as it looks like the
> best thing going. I have installed Ardour, but when I go to record
> something by clicking the red 'record' button, nothing happens. I click
> the red button and the green Play button. Nothing. I look at the "Mixer"
> window, and see nothing.
> I scrounged Google for help with the fundamentals of Ardour and came up
> empty. I went through the Ardour manual (the funky .pdf one), and it
> says "Hook up a microphone, record something, and we'll get started." I
> can't even get that to go, so I'm pretty much stuck, folks.
> I did a screen caputre of what I do see in Ardour, and placed it into my
> blog, which you can view at:
> http://www.kittycatonline.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=slashloghome.home&logGroupsID=70
> If somebody has basic advice, a recipe book, etc; I'd be more than
> happy, thank you all.
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