[ardour-users] newbie getting nothing, begging for help

kittycat at kittycatonline.com kittycat at kittycatonline.com
Fri Dec 24 16:34:53 PST 2004

Hi, I'm somewhat inexperienced at Linux, but have done plenty of
recording with CoolEdit on the Windows side for years. I have put
together a Planet CCRMA Fedora Core 1 box, following what I could
figure out on the site. I've done some Audacity recording on the Linux
side, but want to kick it up a notch.

As best as I can tell, I have JACK set up properly, but frankly, I'm
totally lost with the JACK stuff. I am able to play out a sound using a
command line ecasound statement, but that''s about what I can grasp of
it. I understand the concepts of what it does but the specifics are
escaping me. I have QTJACKCTL installed, and it appears to be working.

I would like to use Ardour for my recording work, as it looks like the
best thing going. I have installed Ardour, but when I go to record
something by clicking the red 'record' button, nothing happens. I click
the red button and the green Play button. Nothing. I look at the "Mixer"
window, and see nothing.

I scrounged Google for help with the fundamentals of Ardour and came up
empty. I went through the Ardour manual (the funky .pdf one), and it
says "Hook up a microphone, record something, and we'll get started." I
can't even get that to go, so I'm pretty much stuck, folks.

I did a screen caputre of what I do see in Ardour, and placed it into my
blog, which you can view at:

If somebody has basic advice, a recipe book, etc; I'd be more than
happy, thank you all.

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