[ardour-users] Andre Perrota here you go

Studio Zodiak studiozodiak at yahoo.ca
Mon Dec 20 16:03:13 PST 2004

Try the RME HDSP 9632.
It has 8 ADAT.
You can get daughter cards for I/O,
I am very satisfied with this product and would
recommend it to anynone.
I use Gentoo with Ingo Molnar's preemption patch but
If I would do it over I would get the CCRMA kernel.

Florian Shmidt (thank you) gave us a neat little
program to generate time code a few days ago.
I really apreciated it because it helped me understand
what was going on.

So I finally succeded in doing this last night:

I Generate midi time code from my Tascam DM-24 board
and run ardour as a slave with a midiman 2X2 usb-midi.
>From that midiman 2X2 usb-midi, I send the midi time
code to another midiman 2X2 usb-midi to play the movie
on another machine (Mac). 



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