[ardour-users] Ardour musc - Red Sun

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 18:09:18 PST 2004

   I've just finished up an older ambient piece I started long ago. In
the process of resurrecting it I decided to bring it to Linux and,
using Ardour, record some new portions, mix it and make mp3s using

   As I do not have a full-time server to host this on so I'm storing
it in my GMail account. Should anyone like a copy via email then send
me an empty email from the account you wish to receive it  with the
words 'REQUEST RED-SUN' in the subject and I'll be happy to reply with
a copy to you. The mp3 is just shy of 5 minutes and is approximately
8.6MB. You will likely receive it within 24 hours. Please do not
request it if your email account will not receive large attachments.

   Comments, positive or otherwise, are always welcome.


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