[ardour-users] Re: [ardour-dev] MTC Ardour master Samplitude slave

Aaron Trumm thirdoption at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 1 17:08:03 PST 2004

Hello all - report from the field on testing this stuff some more, since I
managed to get some ardour/midi working.

Well, my results were not as good as Geoff's, but they are mostly what I
expected given what Paul explained about the Kernel and MTC.

The tests:

1) Ardour MTC master to EMU Darwin 8 track
2) Ardour MTC slave from Darwin
3) Ardour MTC master to Behringer DDX3216 digital mixer
4) Ardour MMC start to Darwin
5) Ardour MMC start from Darwin
6) Ardour MMC start to Behringer
7) Ardour MMC start from Behringer

1) Ardour MTC to Darwin
    MIDI single is getting to Darwin from computer, verified using ecasound
to send MMC to Darwin.  However, Darwin does not respond at all to MTC start
from Ardour, so no go at all.

2) Ardour MTC from Darwin
   Not 100% clear that MIDI is getting into the computer from Darwin, but I
think so.  Ardour does not respond at all to MTC from Darwin.

3) Ardour MTC master to Behringer
   MTC is sent, behringer starts and follows it, but the behavior is exactly
as described by Paul.  Instead of getting a constantly lit "valid input" on
the mixer, the "valid input" indicator flickers at a constant rate - ie:
it's being dropped and picked up constantly.  Behringer cannot record
automation in this state.

4-7) MMC to and from Ardour to and from Darwin and Behringer
        Nothing.  Ardour never responded, and neither unit ever responded.
I trace this to ardour because sending MMC start/stop from ecasound works.

That's about all to report.

I got curious about smpte - I remember when talking to Paul a while back,
the word was SMPTE would be easier - but Ardour seems to have gone away from
that.  I still maintain that MTC is more widely useful, but I understand
exactly what Paul was saying when he was saying he would implement SMPTE
first because that would work.  *laugh*

Well, bye, hope this is useful info to someone in the world.


Geoff, is there anyway for you to test other stuff with MTC/ardour?  I have
this sneaking suspicion that Samplitude is getting a start and not an actual
solid MTC stream, but that it doesn't really need more than a start to be on
point.  Is this a valid theory?

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> believe it big boy ...it's f***n troo !!!!  Really and for real. I'm using
that most wonderful of distro's Planet CCRMA on RH9 2.4. low latency kernel
Ardour beta 19 on an ice1712 chipset running at  128 frames (5.8 ms latency)
with no operational x-runs AT ALL. I got 1 (read ONE) x-run when i shutdown
Ardour It has been working all day now from 6:30 am this morn (I'm about to
go get the  kiddlings) to  now.... trust me It's working alright.
> GREAT .... GO TELL THE WORLD.........

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