[ardour-users] x86_64, Ardour and LADSPA

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Wed Dec 1 15:19:51 PST 2004


yes, dual arch is a pain! I'm compiling PD right now in my chroot 
environemtn because it just ain't happy on 64 bit.

But I have a wonderful, working Ardour install, and a full suite of 
LADPSA plugins. I'm using the Gentoo ebuilds, and they compile and seem 
to run fine. I don't know how FC-3 handles them. Are you trying to make 
rpm's out of them? Try including -fPIC in the CFLAGS, as this is 
required for shared objects on 64 bit.

good luck,

Jason Russler wrote:
> Hi all, I've recently been able to compile Ardour (and thus everything 
> it needs) on an Athlon64 system running Fedora Core 3 - hairy stuff and 
> totally not worth it.  The only thing I'm missing is a sufficient number 
> of LADSPA plugins since almost none of them will compile into 64-bit 
> binaries - there are a few however.  Before I go back and recompile 
> Ardour and the entire list of dependencies as 32-bit binaries I'd like 
> to know if there's anyone else that's had any success with Ardour on an 
> x86_64 system in 64-bit userland and if they have any pointers, 
> suggestions or recommendations.
> I'm thinking about blasting by 64-bit Linux install in favor of a 32-bit 
> install to simplify package management - dual arch is a pain - I guess I 
> want a reason not to  :O)

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