[ardour-users] Ardour not using available memory?

Scott Helmke scott at scotthelmke.com
Fri Apr 30 11:29:14 PDT 2004

In accordance with the prophesy, you wrote:
> Hey,
> Concider changing a partition or a 2nd disk to "extfs2" . The journal
> daemon gives quite an overhead to my experience.
> Concider not going on holiday this year and buy a scsi disk and you'll
> get rid of all xruns and frustrations.
> Roger

I'll give that a shot; I've got a spare disk I can use.  With Fedora it's 
ext3 on /, which is pretty much the entire disk.  I don't have room in the 
box for SCSI, and maybe not even a second HD since it's one of those little 
Shuttle boxes.  I've gotten a Firewire CD burner to work; would a Firewire 
hard disk make sense?

So it turns out about half of my Gb of memory was held by tmpfs.  I can't see 
why the two tmpfs filesystems (/dev/shm and for jack) could need more than 
100Mb or so, at a guess.  However, limiting them to 100Mb didn't have any 
apparent effect on Ardour's performance or on the CPU meter.  Ardour is 
still (according to top) using 150Mb.  


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