[ardour-users] My experience up to now

Geoff Beasley songshop at bizmedia.com.au
Thu Apr 29 14:21:29 PDT 2004

G'day Sly,
I too feel your frustration, but you know, I've been on commercial beta
development in the DAW area and the one consistant observation was that
the ONLY bugs worth considering from the developers perspective were the
ones directly connected with merchantability. Get it to run and seem to
work and we'll fix the rest(??) with an update. And when you get the
update,the audio subsystem sounds different, or the file system is
illogical and cumbersome , or the "remove all unused samples" feature
destroys your project, or MTC sync expands and contracts, or the VST
layer eats your dog.... need I go on ?

For the record I'm still in awe of a software reaching BETA 12 ???  In
the Windoze Werld ARDOUR would be up to about version 9 by now, it would
have cost you $1k and you'd have been paying for half of the updates
anyway. Hang in there if you can. As you have seen, the feel of this
program and OS is rermarkable. It' offers a promise that not only can be
delivered but I believe will be delivered because the people developing
this software are truly gifted in their craft and are dedicated to
making it work...properly... just like we are.

The Linux/Jack/ArdourRosegarden/Muse experience is just begining for me
too, and the future is golden.

BTW, for the record, my Mantis experience has always been fine. Never
had any problems. 


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