[ardour-users] to ardour or not to ardour, that's the question

Sharp Hall sharp at ccil.org
Tue Apr 13 23:23:06 PDT 2004

On Wed, 2004-04-07 at 04:48, Marco, Lisette & Puck wrote:

> I am a professional musician. I use a RME Hammerfall in combination with...
Great. RME Hammerfalls are supposted to work great with Ardour.
> It seems that true Jack I can record LDASPA synth directly as audio in
> Ardour, right?
Well, LADSPA is for effects and not for complete sound synthesis. There
are other applications for that, spiralsynthmodular and zynaddsubfx
being my favorite. There is also a soundfont compatible synth i'm pretty
sure if you need that kind of stuff.

> I am not so much into MIDI,
Thats good, since ardour doesn't really sequence MIDI yet.
> The questions I have are simple:
> - will I be able to use RME's internal DSP-mixer for routing inputs and
> outputs?
Not sure but I think so.
> - will I be able to use low latency values like 1.5 and 3 ms like I can
> under WindowsXP?
Yes. I don't see any reason why not, just as long as ASIO is enabled and
you have everything else set up correctly.
> I really am interested in switching to Linux because I don't like the way
> Microsoft and Apple are doing business. But at the moment WindowsXP is
> working super smoothly for me. Some Linux users tell me Linux's OS won't
> crash. This is no argument for me since I have not yet seen WindowsXP crash
> on my systems. So it's a difficult situation for me at the moment. I
> probably wait for version 1.0 of Ardour and a CRRMA install routine before I
> can switch without putting too much time into it.
> Any more tips and advices are very welcome!
It seems like you have an intention of trying ardour starting with
version 1, and for a non-linux user like you I think its a good idea
until version 1 until jumping in. There are some annoying bugs (and
thats what beta is for) that make ardour difficult to use productively.

- Sharp

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