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nick mainsbridge mainsbridge at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 09:57:04 PDT 2016

Tempo ramps has been stewing for a while now, and although its not cooked,
i think its time to ask people to try it for comment.
The remaining decisions relate to audio-locked meters, and their bar
numbering/ general begavior.

Major Changes:

Dragging tempo/meters "drags" the underlying object and thus the tempo map.

You may set a tempo/meter lock style (locked to Music/Audio) or tempo type
(ramped/constant) by right clicking it and selecting the desired change, or
selecting "Edit.." to open the usual dialog.

Constraint modifier (configurable under preferences->User Interaction)
while dragging a tempo mark makes the drag sensitive to vertical movement,
which adjusts the tempo. Note there is a difference in how this is handled
by surrounding tempos depending on their lock style and type.

All audio-locked meters can be dragged freely.

The first meter is always audio-locked. The first tempo should move with it
in lock step.
If meters are locked to music, they can only be dragged by bar.

You will probably find that non-first audio-locked meters fail to drag
their associated music-locked tempos correctly. This is easy to fix, but i
though i'd better get some feedback before choosing a particular direction

It is best tested with some MIDI and a mix of lock styles on meters,
tempos, locations and regions.

It should be possible to listen to your session in a more-or-less
meaningful way while adjusting tempo/meter.

The underlying goal here is to allow easier manipulation of the musical
grid to match audio-locked events.

A simple example:
Given an existing musical idea to suit a break in dialogue, the playhead
may be positioned at the end point point while the tempo/meter is adjusted
to achieve the desired last bar/beat in the audio clock display.

Thanks in advance,

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