[Ardour-Dev] Dynamically changing window sizes for loaded AUs..

Rory Walsh rorywalsh at ear.ie
Wed Apr 6 10:02:53 PDT 2016

For the past number of years I've been developing an audio plugin wrapper
for Csound called Cabbage. I've used it extensively with Ardour on Linux
through a Linux native VST interface but I'm having some issues with my
AudioUnit interface on OSX. My AU implementation works fine on other hosts,
but I'm seeing a problem with Ardour. Let me first explain how my Cabbage
AU works. When a user drops an instance of the AU plugin onto a track, it
creates a dummy plugin which contains a browse button. Users click the
browse button to select a Csound file they wish to use. The Csound file
contains information about the plugin GUI. If the chosen file requests a
window size other than that of the dummy plugin, Ardour does not
dynamically resize the window. Dragging the bottom corner of the plugin
does not work either. That simply makes the plugin window larger, but no
more of the plugin is shown. You can see in the following screenshots what
I mean:


The instrument in the second screenshot should have a lot more controls
visible, but they are truncated to the size of the plugin window. I'll keep
'plugin' away on my implementation, but I just thought I would ask, is
Ardour capable of dynamically updating the window size of a plugin, after
it has been first loaded? Are there AU examples you can think of that do
change their window size? I'm beginning to think it only works in Logic and
Garageband by pure luck!

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