[Ardour-Dev] Exporting markers as mp4chaps

Wayne DePrince Jr. waynedpj at in-giro.org
Sun Apr 12 10:03:26 PDT 2015

Il giorno Sun, 12 Apr 2015 17:41:12 +0200
Johannes Mueller <github at johannes-mueller.org> ha scritto:

> Hello everyone,
> I implemented the option of exporting markers into mp4chaps files.
> I am using Ardour not only for music but also to register podcasts. Podcasts 
> often take advantage of mp4chaps. That's a simple text format to define 
> chapter marks that can be imported into mp4 files using tools like mp4chaps. 
> There are also wordpress plugins like Podlove publisher [1] and the audio 
> mastering service Auphonic [2], that use that file format.
> Therefore it's for me very useful to be able to export markers not only to CUE 
> and TOC files but also to mp4 chapter mark files. I implemented that and now I 
> am wondering how in ardour development you usually submit pull requests.
> Would you be at all interested in that feature?
> Thanks for your attention
> Johannes
> [1] http://podlove.org
> [2] http://auphonic.com

+1 for single gapless tracks with logical indexes/markers saved into the MP4 file.

thanks, w

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