[Ardour-Dev] Exporting markers as mp4chaps

Johannes Mueller github at johannes-mueller.org
Sun Apr 12 08:41:12 PDT 2015

Hello everyone,

I implemented the option of exporting markers into mp4chaps files.

I am using Ardour not only for music but also to register podcasts. Podcasts 
often take advantage of mp4chaps. That's a simple text format to define 
chapter marks that can be imported into mp4 files using tools like mp4chaps. 
There are also wordpress plugins like Podlove publisher [1] and the audio 
mastering service Auphonic [2], that use that file format.

Therefore it's for me very useful to be able to export markers not only to CUE 
and TOC files but also to mp4 chapter mark files. I implemented that and now I 
am wondering how in ardour development you usually submit pull requests.

Would you be at all interested in that feature?

Thanks for your attention


[1] http://podlove.org
[2] http://auphonic.com

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