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Colin Fletcher colin.m.fletcher at googlemail.com
Fri Oct 3 02:37:22 PDT 2014

On 02/10/14 23:05, Thomas Vecchione wrote:
> I can answer when you would want this.  When you are doing multiple splits
> in a row.  It is very annoying on occasion to have to reselect the region
> after splitting, and also on occasion causes issues as you end up clicking
> at just the wrong time and it turns into a region drag as the view changes
> to follow the playhead, etc. Since the playhead or edit point is only ever
> at one point in time, the next operation should not happen on both of the
> regions.

Yes, fair point, but I have accidentally applied the next move or trim
operation after a split to both the newly-created regions when I meant
to only affect one a great number of times. It is possible to do
multiple splits in a row using a track selection rather than a region
selection: if there are no selected regions, split operations apply to
all regions at the edit point on selected tracks. I don't know if that
would fit with your workflow, but it is another way to do it without
requiring that newly-created regions are selected.

There have been a few discussions about this on IRC: Ben at Harrison
agrees with you (hence the conditional on Mixbus), but it seems we might
have to bite the bullet and make it a config option...

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> On Thu, Oct 2, 2014 at 4:01 PM, <admin at ardour.org> wrote:
>> - Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
>> commit c2fc7f04a7854d99e8a040ebdf52a6330bd4fe8f
>> Author: Colin Fletcher <colin.m.fletcher at googlemail.com>
>> Date:   Thu Oct 2 21:00:33 2014 +0100
>>     Don't select newly created regions after splitting selected regions
>> (except on Mixbus)
>>     I can't see a reason to select the newly-created regions after
>>     splitting selected regions: I can't think of any case where you'd want
>>     the next operation to apply to both the regions, and it makes it very
>>     easy (in my experience) to trim/move/&c. both regions afterwards by
>>     mistake.
>>     However, this behaviour is desired for Mixbus, so make the selection of
>>     regions after a split of selected regions dependent on
>>     Profile->get_mixbus() for now.
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