[Ardour-Dev] Fwd: PATCH - Bug 5888

Erik Ackermann kurterikackermann at gmail.com
Sun Mar 23 20:55:46 PDT 2014

This fixes the keybinding window setting behavior to prevent the capture of
a completely invalid setting, Bug 5888

E.g.  Alt(down) M(down) Alt(up) M(up) == Alt+Alt_L (Which is completely
impossible to trigger).

The new behavior is simpler explain:
1)  On any keyup event, if a non-modifier key was down pressed since the
last-key up event, use that key and all currently pressed modifier keys as
the captured binding.

To be honest this is still slightly less than ideal (and also different
from other keybinding captures I've seen) in that it does not handle
keyboard auto-repeat gracefully. However this seems a matter of design of
the Keybindings window and would require GUI change. Every other keycapture
I've seen uses some explicit event to trigger capture (e.g. mouse click or
double click), while Ardour just uses keypress. The keypress however is
emulated by the window manager during autorepeat. The result is that
performing the following Alt(down) M(down) Alt(up) [Wait 1 second] M(up)
will result in the binding first being set to Alt-M, but during the wait
the autorepeat will Trigger M again changing the setting to M. I think this
code change (or similar) should be accepted now with the possible debate
opened for a more complex change to ignore keyboard autorepeat if warranted.

Patch 0002 is to enable the clear button when a new keybinding is set
(different unreported bug).
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