[Ardour-Dev] plugin osc control, setting the last parameter triggers warning?

Fernando Lopez-Lezcano nando at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed Mar 5 21:54:25 PST 2014

I have been trying to control plugin parameters through osc and that 
seems to be working[*]. But when I send something to the last parameter 
of a plugin, ardour prints:

   [WARNING]: Uninitialized Parameter symbol() called.

Ardour seems to take this in stride and keeps running, but the Log is 
filled with these messages if I keep sending osc messages to last 
parameters of plugins.

Apparently modifying parameters that are not the last one in a given 
plugin results in nothing being printed.
Bug? Feature? :-)
-- Fernando

[*] I wrote some SuperCollider code that parses the ardour session and 
looks for the remote id, controller number and parameter number based on 
the track name, plugin name and parameter name and sets up routing from 
midi controller messages to that parameter. Works so far...

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