[Ardour-Dev] mac vs. linux keybindings

Jörn Nettingsmeier nettings at stackingdwarves.net
Fri Feb 7 16:36:54 PST 2014

hi *!

after comparing the mac and linux keybindings one by one, i found that 
they are equivalent under the following modifier key abstraction (which 
we have in the CSS of the manual already:

generic	linux	mac
mod1	ctrl	cmd
mod2	alt	ctrl
mod3	shift	shift
mod4	win	?

this works for all bindings except those few who are bound to the "win" 
key under linux - i don't know if that binding has a valid counterpart 
on the mac keyboard.

if we can get rid of those "win" key bindings in the default setup, or 
if there is a universally accepted counterpart on the mac keyboard, we 
can do away with the duplicated keybinding docs and just generate them 
on-the-fly from the same manual page, by applying the abstraction 
mentioned before. in fact, that's already done on all other manual pages 
depending on the user agent string of the browser. the only exception 
are the bindings lists, where this feature is overridden by a rather 
hacky check of the page title (if it contains "linux", pin key bindings 
to linux, vice versa for "OS X").

enlightenment appreciated :)



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