[Ardour-Dev] Something I need to understand for .po translation

frederic rech f.rech at yahoo.fr
Wed Apr 2 02:30:42 PDT 2014


the TRANSLATORS text file says :

2b. If there is an existing translation for your language, run './waf
i18n_pot' which will bring it up to date (along with all other PO files)

and some lines under :

Note that as of Ardour 3 beta 1 the translations are only installed when you
run './waf i18n' after './waf' and before 'sudo ./waf install'.

So, with Ardour 3.5-364 from Git, have run
./waf configure

Now, did I have to run 

./waf i18n_pot
./waf i18n

sudo ./waf install ???

Second question, just to be sure I have understood correctly :

when have edited the .po file, and translate chains, just run
./waf i18n_mo 
sudo ./waf install

is ok ? No need to uninstall before ?

Third question, are all commands to be typed in the 3.0 directory ?

Thanks for the help
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