[Ardour-Dev] Proposition of a Doc Sprint Summit project, involving Ardour

Jehan Pagès jehan.marmottard at gmail.com
Wed Oct 24 09:40:49 PDT 2012


[this is a near copy of an email I sent to GIMP and Blender ml as
well. Pardon the spam, if you think it is]

I discovered recently, through a message on another mailing list, the
Doc Sprint Summit organized by Google:

Basically I am thinking on proposing a project, involving Ardour.
Precisely I would like to propose to work on documentation for a whole
workflow to create an animation using only Free Softwares. This could
involve GIMP for drawing/editing, Blender as Sequence editor, Ardour
as audio workstation, but also other more generic tools like (for
instance) svn or git with any adaptation to deal with binary/graphical
files better, etc. The goal is not to produce a detailed documentation
on 1 software, but on the whole workflow. Each of these FLOSS programs
has already detailed documentation. But I think that a documentation
more globale giving direction to have all these "flow" together would
be a great plus.

For instance, what is the best way to generate frames from GIMP xcf
files into a video sequence in Blender? How to sync audio and video
sequence in Blender and Ardour through Jack? And what about doing it
through Ardour + xjadeo (as someone told me on the GIMP dev ml)?
Basically that's not only specific software. We are happy to see
people proposing all the alternatives like using Cinerella for
sequence editor, mypaint for drawing, or even Inkscape for vectorial
animation, etc. Actually giving choices is better, as the goal is to
have a reference documentation to work together with various programs,
not to promote a specific program only, through the whole workflow:
drawing, sequence, compositing, render, audio, subtitle, and anything
to link them.

I am working lately with a professional graphical animator (me being a
developer). We are working on making an animation fully with Free

We have tried a few Free Softwares and are testing them quite a bit
daily, hence have some idea about what exists and not, but there is
definitely more to know about the topic. And we are eager to learn.
This is why such a documentation would definitely profit to us as
well. Thus when I saw this call, I thought it is worth proposing it
because a lot of people have far more experience than us.
Would someone be interested in this proposal? A project can propose up
to 5 individuals (we are only 2 right now); accomodation and food are
covered by the camp, and we can apply for travel costs if you need
(California, Google headquarters).
This will be from 3rd to 7th of December.
If you are interested, please mail an answer, along with your full
name, your country/state, if you need full or partial travel
assistance, and one or two lines stating why you think to be a good
candidate for this project (I am not the one asking all these
information, this is in the registration form question).
Also sorry, but we have to submit before the 26th, so that's short
deadline (sorry I myself recently discovered it and I am currently
traveling!). If you are interested, please answer very fast.

Studio Girin: http://girinstud.io

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