[Ardour-Dev] Hybrid tracks

Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Tue Nov 20 23:29:29 PST 2012

Sorry for posting this in this thread, I'll be more careful next time :-)
Am 21.11.2012 08:27, schrieb Hartmut Noack:
> Hello devs,
> I build A3 yesterday and tried the hybrid tracks but was not capable to
> make them do something predictable. Before I flood Mantis I'd like to
> ask you, if these problems are adressed anyways:
> - I can make a MIDI-region and put notes into it. The light-yellow
> level-meter in the trackhead moves if I play them and pressing the
> "keys" in the piano-roll sends notes to the chosen output (external
> synth plays). But playing the region does not move the meter or send any
> notes at all.
> - Inserting a synth-plugin to a hybrid track produces the old message
> complaining about the inputs of the plugin vs. outputs of the track. The
> message even admits, that there is a MIDI-out but still says, it cannot
> add this plugin here.
> - on the other hand: It is not possible to drop imported audio-files to
> a Audio+MIDI Track.
> - the audio-input meter works as expected but recording audio on the
> hybrid track does not produce a region (though it shows the usual
> graphic while recording without a graph for the wave...)
> So in a word: the hybrid tracks are completely unusable here.
> And by the way: the region list shows entries with a light-grey font on
> a light-gray background. This may or may not be an issue in KDE(but no
> normal user will care or even think of such a reason for such a
> grotesque problem...).
> best regards
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