[Ardour-Dev] Revision 12240 is not starting here

Dragan Noveski perodog at gmx.net
Thu May 10 10:09:15 PDT 2012


i just installed A3 rev-12240 and the create new session diaog is 
looking pretty strange and i am seeing this in the terminal:

Ardour3.0beta3 (built using ['12240'] and GCC version 4.6.3)
ardour: [ERROR]: could not find any ui configuration file, canvas will 
look broken.
ardour: [WARNING]: Unable to find UI style file ardour3_ui_dark.rc in 
search path /home/nowhiskey/.config/ardour3:/etc/xdg/ardour3. Ardour 
will look strange

after that, the session is crated, but ardour is segfaulting.

if i start ./ardev everything looks ok.


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