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ace17 at free.fr ace17 at free.fr
Tue Jul 24 23:43:53 PDT 2012

Hi all,

I'm writing a GNU/Linux native VST plugin (https://launchpad.net/acevirus/), and I want to use it with ardour3 (r13075).
For reasons of compatibility with other hosts, I'm invoking the audioMasterWantMidi from the plugin's effOpen callback.
Here's how ardour3 currently handles audioMasterWantMidi :

108|         case audioMasterWantMidi:
109|                 SHOW_CALLBACK ("amc: audioMasterWantMidi\n");
110|                 // <value> is a filter which is currently ignored
111|                 if (plug) {
112+>                        plug->get_info()->n_inputs.set_midi (1);
113|                 }
114|                 return 0;

Here's the call stack :

#4  0x00007ffff76e3ae7 in ARDOUR::Session::vst_callback (effect=0x7fffdfd9f488, opcode=6, index=0, value=1, ptr=0x0, opt=0) at ../libs/ardour/session_vst.cc:112
#5  0x00007fffbd07f1a2 in EVEREST::PluginWrapper::Dispatcher (this=0x7fffdfd9f460, eRequest=VST_CMD_SETSAMPLERATE, iParam1=0, iParam2=0, pData=0x0, fParam=44100) at ../../lib_everest/plugin_wrapper.cpp:377
#6  0x00007fffbd07ff71 in EVEREST::PluginWrapper::static_dispatcher (pVstInterface=0x7fffdfd9f488, a=10, b=0, c=0, d=0x0, e=44100) at ../../lib_everest/plugin_wrapper.h:71
#7  0x00007ffff76e4551 in ARDOUR::VSTPlugin::set_plugin (this=0x7fffb03c43f0, e=0x7fffdfd9f488) at ../libs/ardour/vst_plugin.cc:64
#8  0x00007ffff76e0e16 in ARDOUR::LXVSTPlugin::LXVSTPlugin (this=0x7fffb03c43f0, e=..., session=..., h=0x7fffb0263110) at ../libs/ardour/lxvst_plugin.cc:39
#9  0x00007ffff76e11ad in ARDOUR::LXVSTPluginInfo::load (this=0x2b41170, session=...) at ../libs/ardour/lxvst_plugin.cc:75

FYI, EVEREST is the name of the VST SDK I wrote (loosely based on Vestige).

At this point, get_info() returns a null pointer, because we're still in the call stack of LXVSTPlugin's constructor, and set_info() will be called later from LXVSTPluginInfo::load.
So I tried to call audioMasterWantMidi from effSetSampleRate instead of effOpen, but it's still the same. Actually, effOpen and effSetSampleRate are both called before set_info().

I don't really know who is a fault here : maybe I'm supposed not to call any audioMasterX from effSetSampleRate or effOpen (Anyway, I think the host should protect itself from this).
But maybe it's an error to call set_info so late, or to call effOpen so early.

What do you think?

Sebastien Alaiwan

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