[Ardour-Dev] Building A3 on Fedora14

Valerio Orlandini valerio.orlandini at gmx.com
Sun Mar 6 13:00:10 PST 2011

>> On Ubuntu 10.10 and Arch Linux I manage to build Ardour 3 without issues > And do you have a RT-kernel (installed from a ppa) running with good > results on Ubuntu 1010? Sorry, I replied before realizing that, without the new Jack, I cannot build A3 anymore (until 2-3 days ago it was possible). You obviously can build Jack 0.120 from source. As for the kernel, I use a one built by myself; but there are ready-to-use RT-kernel (don't know if through the Ubuntu repos or through a third-party ppa). If you are expert enough to use Arch Linux (it's not that difficoult, anyway), its testing repository already features the new Jack 0.120. You could give it a try.
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