[Ardour-Dev] ARDOUR::IO::ensure_limits()

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Sat Jul 23 10:26:46 PDT 2011

On 22 Jul 2011, at 20:59, Paul Davis wrote:

> fixed in svn.

Hi Paul,

It's possible I've done something wrong because I needed to apply your fix to an out-of-date-copy of Ardour (the fix hasn't filtered through to Mixbus yet - I'll need to wait for Todd or Ben to do an update when they return from NAMM).

Anyway...  having applied the changes I'm now finding that I can't route any outputs.  If I select a mixer channel (or the master output) clicking on "Output" does display the available ports but they get ignored if I select them.  I suspect these lines in IO::ensure_outputs()

	if (_output_maximum >= 0) {
		n = min (_output_maximum, (int) n);
		if (n == _noutputs && !clear) {
			return -1;

I don't fully understand what's going on there but I suspect it probably doesn't signify an error condition.  Therefore that section should return 0 instead of -1.  Does that seem feasible?

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