[Ardour-Dev] Default installation paths

John Emmas johne53 at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Jul 10 11:53:34 PDT 2011

Hello Paul,

I'm just doing some stuff for Mixbus and noticed that in function 'ARDOUR::get_system_module_path()' (libs/ardour/globals.cc) there's an assumption that the main executable will usually reside in a folder called "ardour2" (or alternatively, that it'll be specified in the user's environment).  The 'ardour2' target is assumed both for Ardour and Mixbus but of course, it won't necessarily hold true for Mixbus.  I'm not in a desperate rush (won't be doing much until Tuesday) but I wondered if we should change this function to return the correct module path?  I don't mind making the change if you could tell me what would be the following default installation paths:-  (assuming the user didn't change his installation folder)  

Mixbus2 on OS-X (I believe this to be "/Applications/Mixbus2.app/Contents/MacOS"
Ardour2 on OS-X
Mixbus2 on Linux

I already know that for Ardour2 on Linux, the default target folder usually will end in "ardour2".  Thanks.


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