[Ardour-Dev] Suggestion for the locations window.

Melvin Ray Herr stilllearnin at thettpost.com
Fri Jul 8 19:35:03 PDT 2011

I've been looking into the locations window and think something like 
this would be an improvement.

1. Combine the ranges and locations into one list, with icons to show 
the beginning and end of each range or to indicate a single location. 
This would make it easier to see how they relate to each other along the 
time line.

2. Separate the ranges into two rows. A start and an end. Editing the 
Range name at either its beginning or its end would update its other 
label appropriately.

3. The location field would show location or time following the format 
of the main clock.

This format would allow for a narrower window making it fit into the 
sidebar nicely.

Here is a sample. I don't really like the icons on the left but it 
illustrates the idea for now.
And of course I'm not showing the other controls that would be there for 
the Loop Range and the buttons to add a range or location. This is just 
to show my idea of a combined list.

Any thought or ideas?

Melvin Ray
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