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Alexandre Prokoudine alexandre.prokoudine at gmail.com
Fri Aug 5 22:27:49 PDT 2011

On Fri, Aug 5, 2011 at 3:24 PM, rosea grammostola wrote:

> I agree for 98% with you. But don't you think that we should do both? I am
> not talking about a advertising campaign, but don't you think that a active
> Ardour account on social media could help to make people aware of the
> possibilities of Ardour and Linux for music production in general? It's a
> nice way to inform people about the plans and progress of Ardour 3 for
> instance. MuseScore is proven that it works as we speak.

OK. @ardour was taken, so now there is http://twitter.com/#!/ardourdaw

I'm setting up updating the feed from ardour.org's RSS via ping.fm
right now, and it's possible to add more networks to ping
automatically. I'll be happy to pass administration of both accounts
to Paul (when he's back from vacation), Carl or Thomas.

Alexandre Prokoudine

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