[Ardour-Dev] A3 ambiguous file

stroganoff at freckletune.net stroganoff at freckletune.net
Sun Apr 17 21:26:09 PDT 2011

I currently have my directory of ardour projects on a raid that is 
soft-linked to two locations on my file system.  (/data/recording and 
I've never had a problem with this setup with A2, and when I started 
using A3 I didn't either.  All of a sudden, however, whenever I open an 
A3 project it pops up with the "ambiguous file" dialogue and asks me 
whether I want to use the wav located at /data or ~.   It asks this for 
each sound file.  It still functions fine once I click through them all.
How do I get A3 to stop searching around for files?  I've tried editing 
the xml and giving it just one location or changing the location for 
each file listed, but no dice.


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