[Ardour-Dev] Some editing hints wanted

plutek-inf plutek at infinity.net
Mon Sep 13 14:21:27 PDT 2010

Excerpts from fons's message of Mon Sep 13 16:34:21 -0400 2010:
> Hello all,
> I'm wondering what is the recommended way to the following kind
> of editing.
> I have a number of takes of the same piece, all together about
> an hour of recording. There are multiple tracks, some of them
> also multichannel. The final version consists of bits and pieces
> of those takes spliced together.
> The basic operation consists of
> 1. extracting those pieces,
> 2. moving them somewhere (the end of the session) in the right order,
> 3. splicing then together so the transitions won't be noticed.
> (1) should be done without modifying the original - other 
> pieces from it may be required later. The only way I know
> to do this ATM is:
> - split the regions at the required begin and end points,
> - move the selected part to the end,
> - move back to the original place,
> - delete the 'right' part,
> - extend the 'left' part to the original end of region.

i do this sort of thing quite a bit. usually, i just grab a big chunk of regions that i want to take material from (often across multiple tracks), and copy it all to somewhere further down the timeline (ctrl-drag). then i use those copies as source for the edit (which is at another point in the timeline, or on an alternate set of tracks), deleting them when i'm done -- this leaves the original takes in place, untouched, for later work.



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